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Dowsing is a natural ability. It can totally transform your life by restoring your health, saving you money and helping you make the perfect choices in life.

Nigel & Maggie PercyNigel & Maggie Percy of Sixth Sense Consulting have been using dowsing personally and professionally as a team since the year 2000. Their mission is to help create a worldwide movement of people who use dowsing for practical purposes. They passionately believe the world can be a far better place if people use dowsing successfully in their daily lives. 

The products at the Discovering Dowsing store are aimed to help any level of dowser make progress in accuracy and expanding his or her dowsing horizons with new applications. The 5 Dollar Store allows you to select the perfect item for your specific needs on a budget. Other products offer comprehensive training or recordings of major dowsing events.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Please contact Maggie at support@DiscoveringDowsing if you have any questions or concerns about a product or your purchase.

Our goal is to help you become the best dowser you can be and to truly experience transformation in your life as a result.